Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Decorating

This year we have a new tree its taller and bushier and so pretty as it has way more room for my ever expanding christmas decorations. I just can't help myself sometimes when I walk into the christmas section in Myer everything is just so pretty. 
Liam "helped" with the decorations. His idea was just to keep placing ornaments in the only spot he could reach and perching them on a branch. Then get mad when they wouldn't stay. Still very funny watching him do it.

Blowing Kisses 
Liam decorating the tree
So proud of his handy work
Liam in middle of a tantrum when his decorations weren't staying on the tree
Angel on top. Check out Liam's foot under Rocky's chin, that is how he holds on.
The finished tree

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Liam and Taj

Do I really have to say anymore? 
Liam loves the cats especially Taj he loves his tail and usually just lays his head on Taj's belly for a few seconds but this time he wanted a real cuddle. He dragged Taj towards him and got him in a headlock and squeezed cuddle him. Taj was so good he just sat there and took it all in his stride although his face in this picture is just like are you serious?!?
Tilly he doesn't get to play with as much cause she isn't as affectionate but he will sometimes just go around the house calling out to her saying in his little cute voice "Illy Din" which translated means Tilly din dins. Cause thats what I say when I want to find her not just when there is food.
I hope he loves them forever and they love him back.

Liam at Kindy Gym

Liam and I have been going to Kindy Gym on a Wednesday morning. I was excited to have Rocky come with us today cause it gave me the opportunity to take photos of him playing and climbing. 
Today for the first time he went in the tunnel. Yea! But still no go on the parachute he just hates that thing.

Serious concentration with the tongue and all it must help :)

Happy Birthday To Me

Another year older it seems to catch up faster than ever nowadays. I did have a lovely birthday. I have this week off work pretty much just cause I can and Rocky took today off to spend with me. We took Liam to kindy gym this morning and then went to the Wild Fig in Scarborough for lunch. Lovely meal as always. Liam was on his best behaviour of course. For dessert I had the ooey gooey chocolate pudding. I gave Liam a spoon which had ice cream on it and then he decided that I wasn't feeding it fast enough to him so he decided that he was just going to help himself. 
I then went to the couple of op shops on Scarborough beach road and picked up a few bargains for christmas so that made my day. We then made our way home and spent the rest of the day doing a lot of nothing. Perfect!

Here are some photos from the day. If anyone is wondering Rocky is doing cartwheels over the top of Liam, which Liam thinks is hilarious!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another Ikea Hack

I needed a storage space in my craft room to store my sewing machine, overlocker and fabric. I had no idea what or how to do this as my room is getting very frustrating. Basically I have too much crap but can't bear to part with it as I may need it 'one day'.

So back to the hack, I had this billy bookcase for ever and I used it just to store stuff nothing of importance. Thats when I thought hey why don't I turn it on its side and add some wheels and it can fit under my work table. So thats pretty much what I did, well Rocky did it for me I just told him what to do. hahaha.

Here are the photos:

Also another thing I did which is kinda a mini ikea hack. I took some of their free tape measures home with me and stuck them to the edge of my desk with clear contact. So now my desk is almost like a spotlight store where I can measure right there and not have to fuss with a ruler or normal tape measure, so much easier. I stuck two down as one side has inches and the other centimetres. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Look what I made...

So my friend Jess who is due in a week is having a little girl. Which is very exciting as I got to make pretty things.
I made her 2 skirts a dress and a pretty nappy wipes case. I also made the little flowers that I sewed onto the onesies which I got in target.
I absolutely love the skirts but thought I could of done better on the dress but she thought they were great and that's all that matters

Liam's accident

On Tuesday night Liam lost his balance in the bathroom and hit his head on the tile hob around the bath. Well it cut him right near his left eye. So down to the hospital we went and 4 hours later we walked out with a few butterfly stitches. I won't share the gory pictures but this photo was taken the next morning.